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Reviews of Quotex clients: reviews about the trading platform and websites

Reviews of Quotex clients: reviews about the trading platform and websites


If we talk about real reviews of Quotex binary options broker's clients, they are very positive and reflect well the broker's attitude towards its traders. Below you will find reviews from real people, left in different social networks and websites - all said will refer to the broker's platform, located on (that is the same - different mirrors of the broker's official website).

Quotex reviews


Reviews about Quotex trading platform

You can find only positive reviews about the Quotex trading platform (with a few exceptions):

  • The trading platform works perfectly: charts are loaded quickly, trades are opened instantly
  • There are many tools for technical analysis: indicators and tools for drawing on the chart
  • The mobile version of the platform is an exact copy of the web-platform
  • Endless demo account
  • Trading Signals
  • Various Bonus Codes
  • Asset information
  • Huge choice of expiration time (closing time)
  • Wide range of assets to trade
  • High payout percentage for correct forecasts
  • The ability to trade with a minimum deposit of $1
  • OTC-trading (weekend trading)

All this allows you to use the platform's various trading strategies and customize trading. Among the disadvantages are the following:

  • Sometimes the percentage for a correct forecast is too low
  • There is a bug when asset windows overlap each other

Quotex reviews: windows display error

Riddub – «Quotex is a good trading platform. Many convenient indicators, quick withdrawal and reliability of quotes are very pleasing.»

Quotex reviews: review about the trading platform

Didnewbed – «I would like to recommend Quotex to you. Nice design, deals are opened without delays and lags, responsive technical support, many currency pairs with high profitability, the ability to trade on weekends»

Quotex reviews: trade review

Reviews about Quotex technical support

The technical support of the Quotex broker is at its best - it is very often written about in reviews and is almost always praised for its efficiency and solving clients’ problems.

lorasavich6380125 - “Quotex broker is the best at the moment, the withdrawal is fast, technical support is always polite and helps a lot. There are no disadvantages. So i plan to work with Quotex further”

Quotex reviews: technical support review

maks72659 - “Quotex is a good broker) Support service is fast (even on weekends). Withdrawal of funds to advcash is also fast. There is only one disadvantage for me - in digital trading you have to adjust the end of the deal all the time, you can get used to it in a moment.”

Quotex reviews: technical support review 2

Reviews about withdrawal of funds from

There are no problems with withdrawal of funds from Quotex broker - dozens of positive reviews from clients around the world prove this. Here are some of them:

Oldmayfit - «I will not leave a review for the sake of a review, I will tell you as it is in fact. I have been trading on the Quotex platform for 2 months, this is my first broker. For 2 months of trading experience has been accumulated, which I believe is the case here. At the moment, the best for me, everything works clearly and without lags, a user-friendly interface, you will get used to it in at least a couple of days, the minimum amount of replenishment is 300 rubles, replenishment / withdrawal is as fast as possible, I recommend. And to all who consider this a scam, have you tried to listen to the majority? And really start your path as a trader. Profit everyone!»

Quotex reviews: withdrawal of funds

Ownbogleg - "Quotex withdraws money quickly, the interface is understandable even for a beginner, so everyone can figure it out, I recommend this broker to everyone"

Quotex reviews: withdrawal of funds 2

fogalex03 - “I agree with many of clients, the Quotex platform is cool. I like it. There are no problems with deposits and withdrawals. Thanks to broker! I continue to work with it in the future!”

Quotex reviews: withdrawal of funds 3

Hoeawe - “Recently i tested Quotex. There is a very fast execution, the platform does not lag, I withdrew 1000 rubles for the test - they came in a few minutes. Anyway, I plan to transfer part of the deposit to Quotex for diversification!”

Quotex reviews: withdrawal of funds 4

Bigtraderday - “Personally for me, Quotex takes a leading place in the personal top of brokers at the moment, and there are reasons for that. There is a big choice of assets, instant trades, a large selection of account currencies (including BTC) and also a wide choice of deposit and withdrawal methods.”

Quotex reviews: withdrawal of funds 5

Reviews about Quotex affiliate program Quotex Partner

The Quotex affiliate program (Quotex Partner) is also praised for its ease of use and the opportunity to earn without investment - the reviews from partners are extremely positive.

Miron - “The more trader replenishes his accounts, the higher the percentage of earnings on the Quotex broker affiliate program. If desired, you can always find additional opportunities to earn income. The most important thing is not to give up and believe in your strength.”

Quotex reviews: affiliate program review

Sergey Lobanov - “I don’t know about others, but I like the most that you can earn with the Quotex affiliate program from the trading turnover of other clients, and the higher the account status, the greater the percentage of earnings is.”

Quotex reviews: affiliate program review 2

Nikita - “For a beginner, it's perfect. I don't know much about arbitrage yet, but it went well, I made $400 in the first month”

Quotex reviews: affiliate program review 3

Oleg - “I don't know about others, but I personally had no problems with the withdrawal of funds. They have several options for earning on the affiliate program. And then try and believe in your strength and ability. I can only wish you good luck.”

Quotex reviews: affiliate program review 4

Denis Petrovsky - “There are no problems with the affiliate program, everything is paid on time, the remuneration is normal. And so far people speak well of the broker, which means attracting them to Quotex is even easier. I just hope the broker will not scam, otherwise the partners will also lose the opportunity to earn.”

Quotex reviews: affiliate program review 5


Reviews from real clients of

Below you will find reviews from real clients about Quotex com broker - these reviews will be both about the trading platform or the official website and about the withdrawal of funds from Quotex broker.

Tradingordeat - “Quotex is an excellent broker, trades are opened quickly, withdrawal is convenient. Although interest rates are dynamic, but in most cases, they are above 75. There is a great choice of assets and expiration.”

Quotex reviews: review 1

Jobupwho – «I love this platform, The admin is very kind and there are a lot of fitur that we can use. I Hope it will be better. THhe deposti easy and very fast»

Quotex reviews: Client review 2

Prohorovaig – “ “I have been trading on the Quotex broker platform for a week now, so far there are no complaints, the profile was verified quickly, technical support responds quickly. I haven't noticed any failure yet. Withdrawals and deposits are fast.”»

Quotex reviews: Client review 3

apebog425 - “Quotex is an excellent platform! There is a readable interface, nothing unnecessary. There is also the fixed payout percentage on the currency pairs EUR/USD, GBP/USD -82%, fast withdrawal of money, deals are opened without delay. I recommend everyone to trade with Quotex!”

Quotex reviews: Client review 4

Ashupman - "Quotex is an excellent platform for beginner traders! Deals are opened without delay, the website works smoothly and without failures, and interest rate makes me happy as well!”

Quotex reviews: Client review 5

kit870 – “It's a very good platform. I found out about it through my friends. Deals are opened clearly. They are also very easy to close. What is nice is that the time is not rounded. I opened a 5 minute deal in the middle of the minute and it will close in exactly 5 minutes - no rounding. Add/withdrawal works well. Technical support works good as well. Responses are immediate. No need to wait. I’ve already had some experience with fraudulent brokers before, so now I can say with confidence that this platform is suitable for trading. Of course, if you are not going to be cheeky and not to be ahead of the game. In general, I hope for long-term cooperation in QUOTEX))”

Quotex reviews: Client review 6

Cesemen - “If you do not know how to trade, you have little experience or no time, then there are two super services from QUOTEX: a copy of deals (this is more suitable for those who have no time), and trading signals (it is for those who have the time, but don’t have any experience or who don’t know how to trade). Both of these services allow you to earn money on binary options trading without any knowledge, experience or large capital. All you need is discipline and patience, and everyone can train it without any problems. What I want to say with my review is that the broker really works for everyone. You can easily register, deposit only $10 and try one of the services I described above. I can assure you that you will really like the result.”

Quotex reviews: Client review 7

Chizh - “You also need to choose the right broker for binary oprions trading . And Quotex is not one of those companies to trade on binary oprions. I don't think this company is reliable, safe and trustworthy. And first of all, I am confused by the short period of its work, because the platform was launched only in 2019, a little more than a year has passed, and this is not at all the time for you to blindly trust the company with your hard-earned money. I trade only in those companies that have been operating for at least 5 years. Of course, this is not the only such rule, but one of the important ones. I advise you to apply this rule to you, so this company is not included in my list of recommended ones. Well, if they work at least another 4 years without cheating and fraud, then you can already start talking about what a proven broker it is, but for now I can’t say so.”

Quotex reviews: Client review 8

LUCAS – “There is nothing better than making money remotely. I realized this for myself when I tried trading digital assets with Quotex. The broker has pleasant and adequate conditions for earning money. At the same time, there are all auxiliary tools so that you can trade with confidence. In parallel with my main job, I earn on trading, and I advise everyone to do the same, but I recommend this particular broker, it has already been tested by me for withdrawal and guarantees".

Quotex reviews: Client review 9

Ewgeni-kost – “If it wasn't for the demo account, I wouldn't have started trading here and I wouldn't have known about such a great company as Quotex. Well, thanks to a demo account I felt the delights of trading on excellent conditions offered by this broker. In addition, I realized that the attitude towards traders here is very friendly, warm and adequate. No one wants to lose you, no one disturbs or aggravate you. I trade calmly and I asked my managers not to call me and they never do. Of the advantages, I note the good work of the trading platform, good terms and conditions, namely, a high rate of income on deals and an abundance of trading instruments. I'd say that's a great job!”

Quotex reviews: Client review 10

Eugene - "Hi. I trade on the Quotex broker platform. I will say right away before trading, I always try to trade, withdraw funds, check everything. I have been trading with the broker for 3 months. I like the broker. There is an instant opening of a deal, no delays, no price slippage, a minimum deposit of $10, different deposit methods. I got verified quickly. I used my bank card to replenish my account. I withdrew money to a bank card as well, the money came in a day. What I liked is the support service that responds quickly to all questions. I want to tell you all that you wrote in your article is not true. The broker withdraws the money. You were very judgemental in your article. Did you trade there? Provide screenshots to prove you couldn’t withdraw your money. This is usually written by those who lose money on trading and at the same time do not know how to trade.”

Quotex reviews: Client review 11

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