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Affiliate Program of the binary options broker Quotex - Quotex Partner

Affiliate Program of the binary options broker Quotex - Quotex Partner


Quotex affiliate program (Quotex Partner): Official website

Quotex affiliate program allows you to earn without any investment by attracting new clients to the Quotex trading platform. Anyone can become a partner, but how much he can earn will depend on his skills in distributing affiliate links on the Internet. Quotex Partner allows its partners to earn profits through three commission programs:

  • Revenue Share (RevShare)
  • Turnover Share (Tur Share)
  • Sub-affiliate program


Official website of Quotex affiliate program -

Official website of Quotex affiliate program -

The Partner Quotex website provides an opportunity to earn money without investments by advertising the trading platform of Quotex broker. Affiliate links can be distributed both in social networks and personal Internet resources. The broker operates in many countries, so you can easily find your audience.

The following offers are valid for partners:

  • RevShare - up to 80% of broker's earnings
  • Tur Share - up to 5% of the trading turnover of the invited clients
  • Sub-affiliate program - up to 8% of earnings of the invited partners

Quotex affiliate program (Quotex Partner): Official website

In the affiliate program you will find promo materials (advertising banners and links to landing pages). All the activity of your invited clients can be tracked through a convenient statistics page - the data is updated in real time.

As soon as your invited clients start trading, the commission will be charged to the balance, and the data will be updated once an hour. The commission is temporarily placed on "HOLD" (in standby mode) account. The balance can either increase or decrease during the week - it all depends on the model of charging commissions you have chosen.

Payouts (crediting to the balance of the affiliate program) occur once a week - on Thursday. After the commission is credited to the affiliate account, you can create a request for withdrawal of funds in a convenient way for you.


Registration of Quotex affiliate account

If you are interested in the Quotex affiliate program, it's time to become a partner - you need to go to the official website of the affiliate program and click on the registration button:

Quotex affiliate program (Quotex Partner): registration

Next, you need to fill out the registration form and agree to the terms of the partnership agreement:

Quotex affiliate program (Quotex Partner): registration form

There is no moderation in the affiliate program - as soon as you fill out all the forms, you become a partner and you have access to all the functionality of the advertising website.

How to work with Quotex affiliate program

Quotex affiliate program: work with the affiliate program

The first thing you need to do is to get an affiliate link or use a ready-made link, which is located at the top of the site. You can also create your own link with the conditions of work you are interested in on the "Links" page:

Quotex affiliate program (Quotex Partner): links

By clicking on the "New Link" button, you can choose where the link will lead:

  • Home page
  • Registration page
  • Download Android app
  • Quick Login to Trading Platform

If you specify "quick login to the trading platform", the client, following such a link, gets to the platform of Quotex broker and is immediately able to trade on a demo account. To become your referral, the client will still need to register a trading account.

  • Revenue Share (standard rate)
  • Turnover Share

You can also specify a comment to the link, so you always know where it is used or what parameters were set when it was created.

Quotex affiliate program (Quotex Partner): creating an affiliate link

Statistics in the affiliate program consists of a chart of conversions and registrations (summary chart) and several detailed tables:

Quotex affiliate program (Quotex Partner): statistics

If you use links with Tur Share (percentage of trade turnover) in your ads, your earnings will be displayed in the "VOL SHARE" column. If you use links with RevShare (percentage of the broker's earnings), the earnings will be displayed in the "REV SHARE" column. Note that RevShare commission can be both positive (towards you) and negative.

Quotex affiliate program (Quotex Partner): earnings statistics

You can also always see detailed statistics for each invited client in the "Traders" section:

Quotex affiliate program (Quotex Partner): trader statistics

The "Links" section displays statistics on the work of posted affiliate links - here you can see which links bring more traffic, and which would be nice to replace:

Quotex affiliate program (Quotex Partner): link statistics

As for the statistics table itself, it is very simple. Let’s look at the statistics table by data:

  • Clicks - the total number of clicks on your affiliate links.
  • Registrations - the number of new registered accounts
  • FTD - the number of first deposits to the trading account on the Quotex platform
  • FTD SUM - the amount of first deposits
  • Deposits - number of deposits made by all your referrals
  • DEPOSITS SUM - the sum of all deposits (it also includes the sums of the first deposits)
  • Bonuses - bonus funds provided by the broker to your referrals (the commission is not charged for these funds)
  • Withdrawal - the sum, withdrawn from the trading account by all your clients for the current day
  • Traders - number of referrals who participated in trades on that day
  • Turnover - trade turnover made by your clients
  • P/L - (Pay and Loss) displays how much money your clients have earned and how much they have los
  • Vol Share - your earnings from turnover
  • RevShare - your commission from the broker's earnings

Commission charges in Quotex affiliate program

The earned commission in Quotex affiliate program is credited every Thursday. Until then (all week) you can guess how much you will earn - the data are displayed in the balance column:

Quotex affiliate program (Quotex Partner): expected earnings

The gray color indicates the commission that will be paid on the next Thursday, the blue color indicates the accrued commission, which can be withdrawn at any time.

There are several commission models for working with Quotex affiliate program:

  • RevShare
  • Tur Share
  • Sub-affiliate program

RevShare in Quotex affiliate program

RevShare is a percentage of the broker's earnings. The more the broker earns on the clients you invite, the higher your commission is. Here you can earn from 50% to 80% of earnings on the Quotex trading platform. It all depends on how many deposits (trading account replenishments) your invited clients had last month:

  1. 0-14 – commission 50%
  2. 15-49 – commission 55%
  3. 50-99 – commission 60%
  4. 100-199 – commission 65%
  5. 200-399 – commission 70%
  6. 400-699 – commission75%
  7. 700 and more – commission 80%

Quotex affiliate program (Quotex Partner): RevShare earnings

Tur Share in Quotex affiliate program

Tur Share are the earnings from the trading turnover of your clients (the more your referrals trade, the better it is for you). A huge plus of this model is that you will always earn - a negative balance is impossible here. You can earn from 2% to 5% - it all depends on your partner level, which is assigned every month and is calculated based on the results of the previous 30 days. The more deposits your clients have made, the higher your level is:

  1. 0-14 – commission 2%
  2. 15-49 – commission 2.5%
  3. 50-99 – commission 3%
  4. 100-199 – commission 3.5%
  5. 200-399 – commission 4%
  6. 400-699 – commission4.5%
  7. 700 and more – commission 5%

Quotex affiliate program (Quotex Partner): Tur Share earnings

Quotex sub-affiliate program

You can also invite the same partners as you to the affiliate program - for this, in the section "Sub-affiliate program", you will find a referral link:

Quotex affiliate program (Quotex Partner): sub-affiliate program

You can receive up to 8% of your referred affiliates' earnings, it all depends on your profile level. The more deposits your clients made last month, the higher your earnings are:

  1. 0-14 – commission 2%
  2. 15-49 – commission 3%
  3. 50-99 – commission 4%
  4. 100-199 – commission 5%
  5. 200-399 – commission 6%
  6. 400-699 – commission 7%
  7. 700 and more – commission 8%

Quotex affiliate program: sub-affiliate program earnings

Every Thursday your personal commission will be calculated, as well as the commission of other partners - after that the commission and earnings in the sub-affiliate program will be calculated (it is accrued with a slight delay).

Contests in Quotex affiliate program

The Quotex affiliate program holds contests among its partners - the conditions of the contest may differ, but you should expect a cash reward as a prize. For example, now there is a contest with a prize fund of $50,000. The goal is to accumulate the maximum number of first deposits (FTD) from one or another country. Usually, the contest lasts about a month and partners who take the first three places become winners.

Registration in contests is automatic, so you do not lose anything, and if you win, you get a nice cash reward:

Quotex affiliate program (Quotex Partner): contests

Personal account or profile in Quotex affiliate program

In the personal account ("Profile" tab), you can find and change your personal information, turn on additional protection against account hacking, as well as specify the details for paying out funds from Quotex affiliate program.

Quotex affiliate program (Quotex Partner): profile

Withdrawal of earned funds from Quotex affiliate program

Now the most interesting part is the withdrawal of earned funds from Quotex affiliate program. First of all, you need to wait until the next Thursday for the commission to be credited to the balance of the trading platform. If this has already happened, go to the "Withdrawal of funds" section:

Quotex affiliate program (Quotex Partner): withdrawal of funds

Here we specify the amount we want to receive, as well as a wallet to which we will request a payout. As soon as the data is filled in, click on "Withdrawal of funds". Your request is created and waiting for processing:

Quotex affiliate program: processed withdrawal requests

The status of the request indicates the stage of commission payout:

  • New - the request is in the queue to be processed by the Quotex affiliate program
  • Processed - funds have been sent to the financial provider and are waiting for payment on its side
  • Completed - request is completed. Wait for money receipt on your wall
  • Rejected - the request has been rejected by the Quotex affiliate program, and the funds were returned to the account balance

Sometimes, after the money has been sent to your wallets (“Completed” status), the receiving party (bank) may hold the transfer for some time - the payment is being verified. This may slightly affect the time it takes for funds to reach your wallet. In some cases, the delay lasts about a day - during this time, you can receive the payment in installments.

The "Rejected" status indicates that the affiliate program for some reason did not fulfill your withdrawal request. In most cases, the manager will contact you and inform you about the problem, as well as tell you how to request a new payout in order to be guaranteed to receive the money.

How much can you earn with Quotex affiliate program?

How profitable is it to advertise Quotex binary options broker? Partner's earnings depend on his ability to distribute affiliate links and audience coverage. Average earnings in this sphere are from 5000$ a month.

Before you start working with Quotex as a partner, please read the user agreement - some ways of advertising are forbidden and it can have a very negative impact on your further cooperation with the broker.

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