Main page Quotex io is the official website of the binary options broker Quotex: reviews about the binary options trading platform quotex io - 27 July 2022

Quotex io is the official website of the binary options broker Quotex: reviews about the binary options trading platform quotex io

Quotex io is the official website of the binary options broker Quotex: reviews about the binary options trading platform quotex io - is it a scam or not?


The binary options broker Quotex appeared in 2020. The official website and location of the trading platform on the Internet - Over the years, Quotex has garnered a huge amount of positive reviews and has become one of the most popular trading platforms among binary options brokers.

Quotex io: official site


The official website of Quotex binary options broker -

The official website is located at -

  • The broker started its work in September 2020
  • Minimum deposit (account replenishment) is 10$ or equivalent amount in the currency you choose
  • You can open a trading account in currencies: EUR, USD, GBP, BRL, IDR, MYR, INR, KZT, RUB, THB, UAH, VND
  • Quotex works with many countries
  • At the moment, more than 5 million traders have chosen Quotex as the main trading platform for binary options trading
  • Minimum amount for opening a trade is $1 or an equivalent amount in the currency of your choice
  • You can get up to 92% of investment amount for a correct forecast
  • Trading platform is available in many languages ​​
  • Technical support responds to questions within 2-3 hours
  • Average withdrawal time of earned funds is 2 hours
  • All trading operations are performed only inside the trading platform and do not apply to the real market
  • The broker provides a demo account for $10,000

Important information about the official website of Quotex broker:

  • Regulation: IFMRRC
  • The headquarters is located at: Awesomo LTD. Address: Suite 1, second floor, Sound Vision House, Francis Rachel Str., Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles ID: 221042
  • Trading assets: currency pairs (Forex), indices, stocks, metals
  • Deposit methods: Credit cards (Visa and MasterCard), e-wallets (Neteller, QIWI, Skrill, Webmoney, Perfect Money, Piastrix), cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, USD Tether, Dai, Bitcoin Cash, Binance Coin)

Trading platform on the Quotex official website

The trading platform of the binary options broker Quotex is one of the best platforms for binary options trading. It combines a convenient and functional price chart of the selected asset, tools for technical analysis, as well as clear and simple interface.

Quotex io: trading platform

Demo and real accounts use the same trading platform - the only difference is the funds on the trade balance and the opportunity to earn money (demo account is designed only to get acquainted with the trading platform - you cannot earn real money on it).

The price chart of the asset can be plotted in the form of:

  • Japanese candlesticks
  • Heiken Ashi candlesticks
  • Bars
  • In the form of an area chart - a line

The time frame (the time in which a candle or bar will be formed) of the chart can be set from 5 seconds to 1 day.

You can use 26 indicators (Bollinger Bands, Moving Average, RSI, CCI, MACD, etc.) built into the broker's trading platform for technical analysis. Each of the indicators is very flexible and can be used together with other indicators on the same chart:

Quotex io: technical analysis indicators

You can also draw on the chart and highlight important parts of the price movement - 23 tools are avaliable to you (lines, rectangles, levels, circles, ranges, rays, channels, etc.)

Quotex io: drawing on a chart

Another interesting feature of the Quotex trading platform is the ability to add an alert when the price reaches a certain price level. To do this, place the mouse cursor on the price chart in the desired location (at the desired price level) and click on the bell:

Quotex io: notification

Using Quotex trading platform - how to trade with Quotex broker

Trading and using the trading platform of Quotex broker is very easy:

  1. You need to log in to your account (or sign up, if you do not have a trading account yet)
  2. Choose a demo or a real account to trade (in this case, you should make a deposit first)
  3. Choose an asset to trade
  4. Analyze the chart of the asset
  5. Predict where the price will go (up or down)
  6. Choose the time interval, after which you think your forecast will turn out to be correct
  7. In the "Investments" field, specify the amount you wish to open a trade
  8. Click the button corresponding to your forecast

Quotex io: how to trade on the Quotex platform

At the time of closing your trade, depending on whether your forecast was correct or not, you will receive a fixed profit (the payout is known before the trade is made) or lose the amount of your investment.

Assets for trading at Quotex broker and their profitability

With Quotex broker, you can trade on various assets:

  • Forex currency pairs (EUR/USD, GBP/CHF, USD/JPY, etc.)
  • Indices and stocks (S&P/ASX 200, Dow Jones, S&P 500, NASDAQ 100, etc.)
  • Precious metals (Gold, Silver)
  • Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum)
  • OTC-assets (assets over the counter)

The percentage of your profit for a correct forecast will depend on the asset and the time you trade. The payout percentage for a trade is "floating" - it changes over time. Also, the possible profit depends on the expiration time - the time at which the deal with the broker is concluded.

Quotex io: assets

Demo account for beginner traders

A demo account on the Quotex trading platform is available right after registration of an account - for training and getting acquainted with the trading platform you have 10000$ available, which you can replenish at any time.

You can switch to a demo account by going to the corresponding window of the trading platform or select "Demo account" in the balance window:

Quotex io: demo account

Trading signals for Quotex

On you can find trading signals for the Quotex platform - they are suitable as an additional source of information and will help you better analyze the price movement. You should understand that each signal has its own time of existence - signals do not cancel the need to independently analyze the price charts before opening a trade.

The signals themselves can be found in the corresponding section on the trading platform:

Quotex io: trading signals


Account registration and login to the Quotex trading platform

Registration on the official website of Quotex takes 1-2 minutes. You need to go to the new account registration section on the broker's website:

Quotex io: registration

Then fill in all the required fields:

  • Enter an existing email address (it will receive confirmation of registration)
  • Enter password
  • Choose the currency of your trading account (you can always change it later)

After logging into your account for the first time, you need to go to "Profile" and enter:

  • Your first and last name
  • Your residential address
  • Your cell phone number with an international code

You will need these data to verify your account - a procedure to verify your identity!

Quotex io: personal data

How to register a Quotex account via Facebook

You can also register an account on the Quotex broker platform via your existing Facebook account. To do this, you need to click on the social network icon in the registration window:

Quotex io: registration via Facebook

Next, you need to log in to your account and allow data transfer from Facebook:

Quotex io: log in to Facebook

After this procedure, you can always get to the Quotex website and log in to your account via your Facebook account data.

How to register a Quotex account via

Similarly, you can register on the Quotex website via the social network - you need to choose the website logo in the new account registration window:

Quotex io: registration via VK

You will be redirected to, where you will need to log in (if necessary) and allow access to your data to

Quotex io: log in to VK

How to register a Quotex account via GMail

If you have a Google account and Gmail, you can also use it to register a trading account - click on the Google icon:

Quotex io: registration via Gmail

If necessary, log in to your Google account and agree to use this account to log in to the Quotex trading platform:

Quotex io: log in to Gmail

How to register a Quotex account via mobile trading platform

If you use a phone or tablet based on Android, you can use Quotex broker's mobile app to register and trade - it's no different from the broker's web platform, so you lose nothing.

  1. First, you need to download the application from PlayMarket and install it on your device
  2. After launch, you will have a registration form similar to the online version of the platform

Quotex io: download android app


Account verification on the official website of the binary options broker Quotex

Account verification is a mandatory condition for using the Quotex broker trading platform. This procedure is necessary to ensure that the same person does not create two or more accounts (this is prohibited in the broker’s user agreement). Also, this identity verification procedure increases the broker's confidence in you, as well as allowing you to use all the trading opportunities without restrictions.

In order to verify your identity, you need to go to your "Profile" and specify:

  • First and last name
  • Your residential address
  • Phone number

Of course, if you have not already entered your data in this section. After filling out all the forms, you will be able to download a document confirming your identity:

Quotex io: document verification

The following documents are most often appropriate for verification:

  • Passport (page with your name and photo)
  • Driving licence

Quotex used to ask for an additional document to confirm your place of residence, but now there is no need for this - the main thing is to confirm your identity.

After sending the documents, you'll get a message that your data has been accepted - you have to wait a bit. Usually, account verification does not take more than a day (it usually takes 20 to 60 minutes). After your documents are verified, you will be assigned the "Verified" status and you will be able to use all the features of the Quotex trading platform:

Quotex io: passed verification

Types of trading accounts at Quotex broker

Quotex broker gives you an opportunity to improve your trading opportunities - there are several types of trading account for this. In short, the larger the amount of your trading balance, the better conditions the broker's trading platform can offer you:

  • Standart - a basic trading account: for a correct forecast you will receive up to 88% of the invested amount
  • Pro - an advanced trading account: +2% for a correct forecast on all assets
  • VIP - an account for the most wealthy clients: +4% for a correct forecast on any asset

Quotex io: account levels

The «Standard» account is available immediately after registration. If you have more than $1,000 on your balance (you can replenish your account with this amount or earn it by depositing less), then you will have access to the "PRO" account. In turn, if you have more than $5,000 on your balance, then you will have maximum conditions and the «VIP» account.

In addition to an increased percentage for a correct forecast, you will receive free promo codes from the broker's team (from an email list), as well as an increased withdrawal speed.

Replenishment of a trading account and withdrawal of earned funds on the Quotex platform

You can start trading on the Quotex platform with a deposit of $10 - this is the minimum deposit amount. After registering an account, two accounts will be available to you: a demo account (to get acquainted with the trading platform) and a real account (which you can also replenish).

To replenish your account, you should use the "Replenish" button:

Quotex io: account replenishment

In the opened window you need to choose a convenient way of transferring funds. The following options are available to you:

  • Bank cards: Visa or MasterCard
  • Cryptocurrencies: Coinbase, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, USD Tether, Dai and others
  • e-Wallets: QIWI, Perfect Money, Web Money, Piastrix, YandexMoney and others

Quotex io: ways to deposit funds

After choosing the deposit method, you will be redirected to a page where you need to specify the deposit amount - the amount you want to deposit to your trading account:

Quotex io: deposit

Here you can also choose a bonus that will be credited to your balance along with real money. Bonus funds can become real - for this you need to make a trading turnover (to open transactions for a certain amount) in the amount exceeding 100 times the credited bonus amount. For example, if your bonus is $100, you need to make a $10,000 trade to make these funds available for real.

Please note that the method of replenishment has a great impact on withdrawals - you can withdraw money only in the same way that you replenished your account. This is necessary for the safety of your account - fraudsters will not be able to withdraw your money without replenishing the trading account.

If the account replenishment is processed instantly (except for the replenishment via cryptocurrency - the crediting time depends on the network speed of the asset and the broker can’t affect this), then the withdrawal of funds takes a little longer - after submitting a request for withdrawal, it gets in a queue. The longer the queue, the longer you will have to wait for the withdrawal. Usually, your funds are withdrawn within 1-2 hours after the application is submitted, but you should also take into account that sometimes there are delays in receipt. For example, your bank will hold the transfer amount for verification - it takes some time. Plan in advance when you will need money from your trading account in real life!

Quotex io: ways to withdraw funds

Quotex broker works with millions of clients and has an amazing reputation, so there are no problems with payments to clients, but there are cases when the requested amount does not come in full or the payment does not come at all. In such cases, you should contact the broker's support:

  • If you are faced with the fact that your withdrawal request is not fully executed, the broker’s manager will resend the missing amount or return the money to your trading balance
  • If you didn’t receive a payment at all, then the broker can either ask you to create a new withdrawal request (by returning the money to the trading account), or try to process the request again on your own

The fact is that all the transfers and payments are handled not by the broker itself, but by a separate company - this allows you to use various methods of replenishing and withdrawing funds. At the same time, the company making the transfers sometimes fails and your money is lost. Sometimes banks refuse to accept the transfer and send the money back to the broker, resulting in no receipts on your cards and accounts. The main thing is that you shouldn’t worry - the technical support of the broker solves all problems very quickly.

Bonuses for Quotex broker

If you are a "PRO" or "VIP" account holder, then you could see bonus codes for the Quotex trading platform in the mailing lists. These bonuses will allow you to receive bonus funds when you replenish your account, and some of them will give you money back after a losing trade. Also, bonus codes are sometimes distributed by broker’s partners.

If you already have a bonus code, you can enter it on the corresponding page:

Quotex io: bonuses

The Quotex broker has six types of bonuses for its clients:

  • Cancel of a trade - the bonus cancels a losing trade and returns the lost money to your trading account
  • Cashback - a refund % if your daily trade ended in a loss
  • Deposit bonus - the most common type of bonus that adds bonus funds when replenishing an account
  • Percentage of turnover - a refund % from each completed trade
  • Bonus to balance - transfer of bonus funds into real money
  • Cancellation of X points - cancellation of loss-making trades with a difference of several points

Why traders choose Quotex for trading

What is the popularity of Quotex broker? This trading platform has been chosen by millions of clients all over the world and apparently they have their reasons:

  • Quotex broker has a very functional and modern trading platform
  • More than 40 assets are always available for trading
  • There is a limitless demo account, so beginning traders can always hone their trading skills before real trading
  • Stable payments of earned money
  • Convenient technical analysis of the chart - there are all the necessary tools for this (indicators and the ability to draw on the chart)
  • Availability of the official website in many languages
  • Own mobile application for Android allows you to trade anytime and anywhere
  • The minimum deposit amount of $10 is the minimum investment to start real trading

Quotex io: start trading in three steps


Real reviews from clients and traders about the Quotex broker trading platform - is it a scam or not?

The real reviews from Quotex trading platform clients are very positive - the broker is praised for its good trading platform, honesty and fast withdrawal of funds.

Prohorovaig – “I have been trading on the Quotex broker platform for a week now, so far there are no complaints, the profile was verified quickly, technical support responds quickly. I haven't noticed any failure yet. Withdrawals and deposits are fast.”

Quotex io: review 1

Plotonenkov - “Hello everyone! After reading a lot of positive reviews,
I registered on the Quotex platform on 06/11/21 - I deposited $150 via cryptocurrency exchange, I liked the conditions of the bonuses, so I decided to take them too, and now I have $210 on my account.
I started trying my hand at OTC over the weekend. I can say that 2 days of trading give a general idea of ​​functionality - candlestick charts work perfectly; the line chart (zone) does not load perfectly, although it is not critical.
Trades are opened and closed so far without any complaints. There are no unreasonably high jumps in prices.
Verification took place between trades, literally in 10 minutes.
At the end of the month (if I "survive"), I'll try to withdraw something and add to review.”
"Hello everyone!
I promised to write an opinion about the broker if I survived until the end of the month.
In fact, from 13.06 to 29.06 inclusive, from $210 (including $60 bonus) I managed to withdraw $650 + $1500 left on my account (balance at the time of writing).
After fulfilling the terms of the bonus, I lost the opportunity to replenish with the bonus. I specially replenished again to make sure, but when I realized that there would be no bonus, I immediately ordered the amount back. Technical support reported that "the bonus is a privilege that the company provides at its own discretion and for me, this is unfortunately not available" (i have the screenshot of our correspondence).

Withdrawal of money takes from several hours to 5 days. It does not depend on whether it is a day off or not.

The candlestick charts are good. The quotes do not jump for unknown reasons (as it happens on Pocket Option), but for all the period there were 3 times when the price display hung up on the web version (so I interrupted trading in such moments).
Special kudos to the mobile app. It works stably, although surprisingly warms the phone (I have OnePlus 8pro) - but I still blame it on the general heat. What’s really interesting is that if you chose a pair, a type of chart and set an amount in the mobile app, then in the web version everything will also change - this is very cool.
Although I don’t often participate in tournaments, I noticed that there are no tournaments here.
Although in social networks the broker says that it is in the plans to implement. In general, there are no excesses on the trading platform, but what is there works well.
So i can say, if you have already decided to work with binary options, I can recommend this broker.”

Quotex io: review 2

kit870 – “It's a very good platform. I found out about it through my friends. Deals are opened clearly. They are also very easy to close. What is nice is that the time is not rounded. I opened a 5 minute deal in the middle of the minute and it will close in exactly 5 minutes - no rounding. Add/withdrawal works well. Technical support works good as well. Responses are immediate. No need to wait. I’ve already had some experience with fraudulent brokers before, so now I can say with confidence that this platform is suitable for trading. Of course, if you are not going to be cheeky and not to be ahead of the game. In general, I hope for long-term cooperation in QUOTEX))”

Quotex io: review 3

Tradingordeat – “Quotex is an excellent broker, trades are opened quickly, withdrawal is convenient. Although interest rates are dynamic, but in most cases, they are above 75. There is a great choice of assets and expiration.”

Quotex io: review 4

Shefergerman45 – “Quotex is the best platform for all traders of all levels - both for beginner and experienced trader. The website has no commission! There is a very user-friendly interface’

Quotex io: review 5

Quotex broker also has disadvantages:

  • Floating payout percentage is not always convenient!
  • Sometimes on some assets there is a very small payout percentage for a correct forecast

Quotex broker team - technical support

Quotex broker has several technical support departments - each team is responsible for a different part of the trading platform. You can get answers to your questions via online chat on the broker's website, by phone or via your e-mail box.
Trading Questions
Financial Matters
Technical Support


Reliability of Quotex broker - regulation

The regulator IFMRRC (license number TSRF RU 0395 AA V0161) is responsible for the reliability of Quotex broker. But also do not forget that Quotex is a broker that operates in many countries around the world. For such big companies the reputation is very important, and in order not to lose it, you need to work honestly! So you don't need to worry about the safety of your funds in the accounts of the trading platform.

Comparison of Quotex broker with other binary options platforms

It will not be superfluous to compare Quotex trading platform with the most significant competitors - binary options brokers:



Pocket Option

Intrade Bar


Binary com







Minimum trade amount






Modern trading platform






Year of foundation












Withdrawal time

From 15 minutes to 3 days

Up to 3 days

From 5 minutes to 24 hours

From 3 hours to 5 days

From 2 hours to 3 days

Number of assets for trading






Payout percentage for a correct forecast

Up to 92%

Up to 88%

From 79% to 85%

Up to 89%

Up to 250%

Mobile app






How to always earn on the Quotex broker platform - the best strategy for binary options

Many beginning traders and clients of binary options brokers (including Quotex broker) use one simple and effective strategy in their trading - Martingale. The essence of the strategy is to manage your bets so that profit from just one forecast would cover all previous losses.

How does it work in practice? Suppose you opened a trade of $1 and your forecast was not correct (you lost the amount of investment). In order to recover the lost $1, you need to open a trade of a larger amount, for example $2 and if the forecast is correct, the profit will cover the losses and bring you a small profit. If the deal closes in losses again, then it is necessary to open the trade for the amount, profit from which will cover the loss of 3$ (1+2) - for 4-5$. And so until the trade closes in profit, after which everything starts from the beginning - a bet of $1.

The strategy allows even inexperienced traders who are just getting acquainted with binary options trading to earn. A huge plus is that you are free to choose your own way of finding moments to open trades. Many traders open a trade depending on the color of the previous candlestick on the price chart: the previous candlestick is green - the trade is up, the previous candlestick is red - the trade is down.

Quotex io: martingale strategy

You may notice that a number of losing forecasts rarely consists of more than 3 trades. Thus, using the Martingale system in trading, traders quickly cover their losses by one profitable trade - it is possible to earn even in case if the total percentage of correct forecasts is less than 50%.
Due to the fact that Quotex broker pays 70-90% of investment amount for a profitable trade, traders calculate their trades in order to be always in the black. You should understand that the Martingale strategy calculates a number of bets only after a losing trade:

  1. 1$
  2. 2$
  3. 5$
  4. 12$
  5. 25$
  6. 60$
  7. etc.

As soon as the trade is closed with a profit, the trader returns to the original bet.

Quotex io: martingale

Advantages of the Martingale strategy:

  • Return of all losses after one correct prediction
  • Ease of use
  • Freedom to find entry points
  • Minimum knowledge of trading is required

The strategy allows even those people who know almost nothing about trading to start earning. The only disadvantage of this strategy is the need to have a trading balance to withstand temporary losses - unfortunately, $10 on the trading account is not enough to use the Martingale strategy. Usually, traders using this method have from $100 on their balance (many of them over $1000) - this allows to earn slowly but steadily.

You can see the simplicity of this strategy by practicing on a demo account with Quotex broker.


Millions of clients have already made their choice in favor of Quotex binary options broker - this is at least one reason to try out the trading platform. No personal investment is required to start working with the broker - there is a demo account that will reveal the full potential of working with Quotex.

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